Company profile

RYS established in 1972 and was built in the southern region of Taiwan, Tainan, with factory area 10, 7745 square meter. RYS is a leading company of producing motorcycle parts. To integrated the ability: forging, processing, welding, assembling and delivery on our own. To provide high quality of OEM service for motorcycle, All Terrain Vehicle, agricultural machinery and exercise equipment. From 2003, RYS have ISO 9001 Quality Management in to ensure the quality. According to the skills and sustainable operation, RYS provides best quality and complete service to customers.

Main Products and Service

RYS focus on hot forging, processing, pressing and welding for over 40 years. Completely understand the key point of developing and skills: characteristics of each martials, procedure planning, fixture designing, mass production…etc. Now, RYS is and OEM supplier of many leading brand in Taiwan, such as: KYMCO, SYM, PGO, Hartford, Aeon.

Future Prospect

RYS planning on equipped more production equipment, instrumentation to increase productive and automatic system. Diversified developing to industrial manufacturing. Expanding market to overseas, to establish a firm foothold at Taiwan, hold the whole world in view, and sustainable operation. Welcome all industries to contact with us on any requirement.

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